‘Craftsmen’ Thrives at GoodFirms by Offering Scalable & Robust Software Solutions Developed With Quality by Maestros

Rendering premium technology solutions to the leading companies worldwide endows ‘Craftsmen’ as one of the top software solutions providers in Bangladesh at GoodFirms.

About Craftsmen:

Headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Craftsmen Ltd. comprises globally- experienced software engineers’ who have worked with the world’s top software businesses for over ten years. The expert group provides premium software development solutions to leading companies globally.

‘Craftsmen’ aims to achieve operational efficiency and excellence for the clients’ businesses. Its mission is to improve customers’ business value chain through highly productive automated settings. The professionals continuously engage themselves in inventing new ways to optimize customers’ operations through the most advanced tools and technologies.

Besides this, the expert and qualified team is always committed to adding value to the clients’ business. Furthermore, the skilled team strives to simplify and streamline business workflows by saving customers’ time and cost irrespective of their business domain. Due to a highly proficient team rendering quality service offerings, ‘Craftsmen’ was awarded as one of the best startup companies of 2020 by BASIS (Bangladesh association of software & information services).

GoodFirms’ Research Process:

GoodFirms is a B2B online evaluation and reviews platform that appraises different businesses cataloged with it through its overall assessment process based on three principal aspects viz Quality, Ability, and Reliability.

GoodFirms with this research helps the business people get their perfect associate that satisfies their business requirements. Same way, the researchers also assessed ‘Craftsmen’ and found that the firm is recognized as the leading business in software development and testing services in Bangladesh at GoodFirms.

The researchers also concluded that ‘Craftsmen’ would soon get dubbed amongst the prominent IT service agencies at GoodFirms.

The below-mentioned erudition from the evaluation illustrates Craftsmen’s working policies and its booming services.

Software Development:

At ‘Craftsmen,’ the experienced engineers hold expertise in cloud computing and complex backend server application development. The skilled software engineers at ‘Craftsmen’ design complex enterprise solutions by distinguishing and analyzing any design flaws in advance.

Moreover, ‘Craftsmen’ hold an experienced software Quality Assurance (QA) department specializing in automated software quality assurance and manual testing.

Since its inception, ‘Craftsmen’ creates and delivers enterprise-grade software solutions and is labeled as a reputed software agency amongst global enterprises. Thus, guaranteeing the delivery of software solutions that meets clients’ business needs focusing on feasibility, stability, reliability, and security endows ‘Craftsmen’ as one of the top software development companies in Bangladesh at GoodFirms.

Testing Services:

‘Craftsmen’ hold a different team for web, mobile, desktop, and cloud applications along with the QA team to render the best quality products. ‘Craftsmen’ is a one-stop-shop for all of the clients’ QA needs.

Without a single line of code written, clients can use the Static Testing services provided by the expert testers’ team to perform earlier testing and ensure quality from the start. The qualified QA team makes sure that clients get the overall quality of the application, performance improvements, and scalability.

Moreover, the expert testers keep themselves apprised of all emerging trends, new technologies, and customer needs to provide bug-free products. Thus, outfitted with a qualified and skilled team of testers, ‘Craftsmen’ get dubbed as one of the leading software testing agencies in Bangladesh at GoodFirms.

IT Services:

At ‘Craftsmen,’ the team deploys up-to-minute methodology and the in-depth knowledge of technology to choose highly qualified candidates. The proven best practices ensure clients get professionals who will grow & shine like gems. Besides focusing on the talent, the team also carefully checks & verifies the background for total satisfaction.

The organization provides IT Consultancy for mission-critical projects to drive the customers towards their goal. The expert professionals at ‘Craftsmen’ display, attract and relocate experienced IT and engineering talent from different countries to their service centers. Alternatively, the group also facilitates the smooth relocation of top talent to the customers’ offices. Thus, furnished with such talented team providing bespoke IT services & solutions to global clients would endow ‘Craftsmen’ as one of the best IT services and solutions providers at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms:

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is an innovative B2B Research and Reviews Company that extensively combs the market to find software development, software testing, and IT services agencies amongst many other technology firms that offer the best services to their customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation, and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs

About the Author:

Anna Stark is a staff writer with GoodFirms – a Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company that bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role includes gauging companies’ performances and their key attributes and putting them into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words. She is always looking for new strategies and ideas that companies have gladly embraced and exclusively shines a light on those to make their identities shine brighter on GoodFirms and the World Wide Web.

Anna Stark is a staff writer with GoodFirms

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