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Software Team Extension Service: Complete Guide for Expanding Your Team

Are you facing trouble managing your IT projects? You don’t have enough manpower to complete your projects on time?

Here’s a simple solution for you which is a software team extension.

Software team extension is one of the most common strategies in the global growth market, which is projected to reach $82 billion by 2025.

One of the main reasons for managing IT projects remotely is the flexibility of team extension.

Team extension is trending because it’s easier to meet deadlines, launch new superior products in a fiercely competitive market, and closing the talent gap quickly.

There are more than 200 companies across 25 countries that outsourced their software development to relevant companies that provide software team extension services.

We turn your ideas into reality by providing businesses with senior tech talent and product development experience.

For this reason, in this blog, we’ll tell you all about software team extension services.

What is Software Team Extension?

As the name implies, team extension accomplishes exactly that. By adding people to your team who can cover the skill gaps, you expand your team. Every team member is a professional with the particular knowledge and abilities required for software development.

What is a Software Team Extension Model?

A business strategy known as the “software team extension model” involves an organization hiring a group of software developers, UI/UX designers, and other IT specialists from an outside service provider to supplement their current in-house software development team. According to this model, the external team collaborates closely with the internal team of the business to develop software products, services, or focused solutions.

Businesses that need to rapidly expand their capacity for development, obtain specialized knowledge or skills, or lower the expenses of hiring and sustaining an internal staff are the ones who benefit most from this model. Since an extension team for a software team can be based offshore or onshore, this gives them access to a larger talent pool. 

How Does Software Team Extension Work?

Software team scaling, software team extension, and software team augmentation are all the same if we examine the essence in more detail. As part of these procedures, new team members sign contracts that can enhance the software development process by utilizing agile methodology and remote communication.

In order to improve an organization’s development team’s capabilities and efficiency, Software Team Extension involves integrating outside experts with specialized skills into the team. This is the general flow of the process:

1. Planning and Assessment

  • Identify skill gaps, knowledge, and capacity within the team.
  • Outline the requirements for additional team members, their roles, expertise, and duration of involvement.

2. Selection and Onboarding

  • Partner with a software team extension service provider.
  • Interview and select candidates based on the organization’s requirements.
  • Onboard and integrate selected team members into the existing development team.

3. Integration and Collaboration

  • Seamlessly integrate external team members into ongoing projects.
  • Utilize collaboration tools and platforms for smooth interaction.
  • Conduct regular meetings to ensure alignment and address any issues promptly.

4. Execution and Management

  • Assign tasks and responsibilities based on expertise and project needs.
  • Maintain continuous communication and monitor performance regularly.

5. Review and Adjustment

  • Conduct periodic reviews to assess performance and progress.
  • Make necessary adjustments to address emerging challenges or changes in project scope.

6. Completion and Transition

  • Transition external team members out upon project completion.
  • Ensure a thorough knowledge transfer to retain critical insights and expertise gained during collaboration.

This structured approach aims to effectively meet the organization’s needs, enhance development capabilities, and contribute to the successful completion of projects.

Remote Team Extension vs. Dedicated Development Team

Remote Team Extension 



– Easy and fast recruitment process

– Access to specialized skills

– Flexible payment options

– Hassle-free management and scalability

– Quicker time-to-market

– Improved reliability

– Best suited for long-term projects

– Requires complex training and onboarding

– Hassle in Managing team

Dedicated Development Team



– The provider’s in-house project manager handles your projects, reducing your management burden.

– Dedicated team ensures a cost-effective and cohesive solution.

– Scalable, flexible solution provides needed expertise and resources.

– Reduces hiring and HR overhead while maintaining quality control.

– Potential language, cultural, or time zone barriers with remote teams.

– Not efficient for short-term projects due to ramp-up time.

– Requires additional management for successful communication with foreign teams.

Here Are Some Industry Statistics


1. Market growth:

The team extension services business, which forms part of the general IT outsourcing market, is projected to compound at 6%. At a compounded annual growth rate of 4%, the global N-onize market is projected to rise to $318. 5 billion to $425. 19 billion.

2. Adoption Rates:

By availing team extension services, it is heeded that 70% of the technology companies ensure that the employability of the requisite skills and the management of workloads is well dealt with.

3. Efficiency Gains:

Software team extension services enhance project delivery times by something like 30% by availing specific expertise, staff, and other resources.

4. Cost Savings:

The team extension models commonly added that they can obtain up to 40% savings in operational expenses as opposed to paying full-time internal employees.

5. Quality of Work:

Implementing team extension entails contracting costs that are approximately forty percent cheaper than hiring full-time in-house employees.

6. Employee Retention:

The corporate entities and partners employing the team extension services experience a 20% raised employee turnover on the capacity the extended teams help ease off overworking pressure from the internal personnel.

7. Flexibility and Scalability:

The first advantage of utilizing team extension services is the employee turnover can be reduced by 20% for the internal teams as it relieves them from handling too many calls and reducing workloads.

8. Global Talent Pool:

Another significant advantage of companies that engage with team extension services refers to the opportunity to obtain access to a global talent pool which has increased, according to 75% of respondents, the level of access to highly skilled workers from around the world.

The above statistics highlight how outsourcing services of software team extension is gaining traction and proven to be useful in the current globally competitive and rapidly advancing technological environment.

Benefits of Software Team Extension


1. Access to Global Talent

With an extended team, you can collaborate with the best developers in the world while staying within your budget. The most important thing is to understand the project’s complexity and the level of qualifications for the desired specialists.

2. Easy Hiring Process

You do not need to look for and test tech professionals with the necessary qualifications. Instead, your IT partner handles everything, and all you have to do is conduct a few interviews to determine who is best suited for your team.

3. Motivated Developers

Such specialists come to work in the long run. They are fully engaged in your workflow and collaborate closely with the entire team. They are also delighted to share the best practices in their field, enriching your projects

4. Clear and Simple Pricing

You pre-negotiate an hourly rate and monthly payments that cover materials when you work with an IT team extension. It aids in cost control and the planning of additional project improvement steps.

5. Managing Projects Effectively

You have two options for managing the project: yourself or a manager. Either way, the procedure will be easy to follow and open. The manager facilitates communication between internal and external team members and aids in process control.

6. Quick Time to Market

Your technical potential can be strengthened by working with a larger team. As a result, you shorten the time to market and quicken the project’s development. You’ll have an extra advantage over the competition.

7. Adaptable Conditions of Collaboration

You have the option of working full- or part-time with an outside team. It’s critical to find a model that works for your business, taking into account its unique procedures and fresh, skilled personnel.

Regarding where the developers can work:

  • In the area of your business
  • in close proximity to the business and able to attend meetings
  • Extremely distant, encompassing a different continent in the context of an offshore situation

8. Niche Requirements

Using newer technologies will give you a competitive advantage. These include the internet of things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). Although it can be difficult to locate these specialized experts on your own, IT firms frequently employ developers that are qualified.

9. Scalability of Teams

During the work process, it is common to have to scale the team more than once due to changes in your strategy or business needs. Extended team services providers have an amazing developer community. They can therefore locate those who will be appropriate in terms of both cost and quality with ease.

10. Savings on Costs

In the long run, working with an extended development team saves money. It is not necessary to set aside funds for bonuses, benefits, training, and other overhead expenses. Rather, you only pay for the appropriate services that you require.

When Should You Consider Team Extension Services?


1. You don’t have the required tech expertise:

Consider team extension services if you do not have the necessary technical specialists on board or if your positions are too unique to find the right talent within the industry quickly. On-demand hiring is flexible and can help bring in the technical ability you need to your existing team to cater to your needs. From this perspective, team extension is the rational approach to complete the work without having to spend cash on training your in-house employees or time and resources on searching for potential candidates.

2. You have more work on your plate.

You might have to think about team extension services if your workload has grown. For instance, using remote experts as a resource for your in-house development team is highly beneficial if your goal is to hit the market sooner with the project or if you require new features in the product to address the company’s needs.

3. You lack hiring experience.

Some of the challenges faced in the hiring process include: There is usually a short supply of competent and skilled talent in startups, and this is worsened by the current Great Resignation trend. Thanks to the various automated talent sourcing tools, it is increasingly tougher for businesses that do outsource staffing to hire the right talents in light of their hiring inexperience. If one is tired of having to employ additional staff or if one is struggling to acquire talents to fill a certain position for their team then the best thing to do is to contact the team extension services providers.

4. You’re not prepared to expand the staff in-house.

When hiring new employees or departments, one must incur costs to train them, provide office space, and necessary office supplies, plus additional paperwork. At the same time, the team scaling model enables you to escape overhead costs since the additional team members are situated in other projects and work in your context only.

5. For short-term tasks, you require additional team members.

If you have a one-off or short-term task, you would instead scale your team with remote experts rather than hire them in-house. In the case that your task is too specific, you can at least close a talent gap fast, hire for a one-time need, and still get your work done without the headache.

How to Choose the Right Team Extension Partner?


Understanding what your needs are,  prepare a list of project requirements and team needs.

Things to consider:

  • What do you need to know in order to complete your own project?
  • How many hours will Project X need to build?
  • When is the project ultimately due?
  • How many developers are needed to be able to complete this project by the provided deadline?
  • What is your budget?

This tells you who are the right people for your established remote software team.

  1. Hiring the right software team extension partner could potentially be one of the most important decisions for your business. This will help you choose the best software development company for team augmentation services.
  2. Determine the country or area you want to outsource your project to and then check for companies there. If you are picking a specialized tech skill, select a firm that has experience working with customers within your target industry.
  3. For example, when initiating a DevOps transformation, find software development partners who have extensive and niche-specific DevOps expertise. Consequently, this will lead to an effective result. For example, when initiating a DevOps transformation, find software development partners who have extensive and niche-specific DevOps expertise. Consequently, this will lead to an effective result.
  4. Only take reputable companies into consideration. To obtain the best candidates for your project, sort them based on their experience and location on sites like Clutch or Good Firms.

To ensure that your work with the tech partner is truly effective, gradually grow your team. Before embarking on any significant projects, it’s crucial to start small and build up gradually so that everyone can become accustomed to working together. This will stop any significant disruptions from occurring midway.

Best Practices For Thriving with Team Augmentation


1. Define Roles and Responsibilities Clearly

Make sure that everyone is on the same page, and clearly define the roles, duties, and expectations for both internal and augmented team members.

Assist new team members in understanding project requirements, processes, and business procedures, and provide them with thorough documentation.

2. Transparency and Effective Communication:

In order for any remote team to succeed, effective communication is a must. Encourage regular check-ins, team gatherings, and clear, open lines of communication to keep everyone on the same page and involved. Effective teamwork and communication can be fostered by utilizing collaboration tools and project management software like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, etc.

3. Nurturing a Remote-Friendly Culture:

Maintaining communication and support amongst distant team members requires cultivating a culture that embraces remote work. Arrange virtual team-building activities, recognize achievements, and motivate efforts to cultivate a collaborative environment. This atmosphere can be improved by implementing Scandinavian cultural customs like work-life balance promotion and work anniversary celebrations. To maintain positive relationships and promote cross-cultural exchange, you should also expedite onboarding, offer training, and think about planning team outings.

According to a recent FlexJobs study, there’s a rise of 91% in the past ten years. As more businesses are forced into adopting remote work for their projects, the need for reliable project management tools has increased. Remote project management tools not only enable efficient teamwork but also ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. 

Better team collaboration: When you use remote project management tools, then team members do not have to be physically present in an office for communication. 

Increased Productivity: with all the proper tools, a remote team can operate effectively in its job, which makes a productivity level to be harbored 

Reduction in Costs: This is one of the benefits that can be achieved for the World of work as well as for businesses, as Companies can save on expenses of physical office spaces or equipment by using management tools for remote projects.

Adopt a Mindset of Constant Improvement:

When you put together and manage your remote software team, embrace continuous improvement as your guiding philosophy. Seek feedback from your team, identify problem areas, and make any necessary adjustments to your processes and strategies. For the benefit of our workers’ well-being, Craftsmen, for example, offers an anonymous form where anyone may submit suggestions for enhancement and guarantee that they are carried out. By iteratively refining your approach to remote working, can maximize the performance of your team and eventually accomplish more.

Why Choose Our Software Team Augmentation?

The process of choosing a team of software developers who will work remotely is by no means an easy one.

It sounds like a rather unique concept and I do not think there are any recommended textbooks for this type of learning. 

Craftsmen is a software team extension service provider company in Bangladesh and it offers services in Europe, the UK, and other continents. With over two decades in the industry, we have worked for numerous businesses across the globe. Craftsmen also adhere to Scandinavian culture, educate its people, and offer employment to everyone regardless of their gender.
Reasons to choose their Software Team Extension Services:

1. Unmatched Expertise

Craftsmen Software has worked in the industry for more than 2 decades, so the team can provide a number of valuable insights in your projects. Here at Craftsmen, the teams of highly skilled and experienced engineers can provide first-rate solutions incorporating AI, AWS, and serverless cloud.

2. Flexibility and Scalability

Our team augmentation services can give your company the freedom to easily expand or reduce your development team. This means that you are able to have the appropriate manpower that the organization needs at one particular time with the disadvantage of having to pay them their full-time wages and other benefits that are associated with full-time employees.

3. Speed and Efficiency

We know how valuable it is to have a short time to launch the product to the market. Develop your solutions faster with our deep pools of experienced professionals, gain access to key specialties on demand, and keep moving your projects forward uninterrupted for timely delivery and market differentiation.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions

They assist in minoring on expenditures in recruitment, training, and infrastructural facilities since most of these services are outsourced. This way, you only pay for the resources you need in our team augmentation model, making it a more affordable way to handle your development needs.

5. Quality and Reliability

First and foremost, Craftsmen Software possesses high quality and reliability as its major values. To this end, the team stays abreast with industry standards and practices delivering quality software solutions that fit your business. Our adherence to perfection guarantees you of getting reliable and sound software products.

6. Seamless Integration

They dovetail with your organization and become a working part of your team respecting your office’s work culture. This makes the functioning of the extended team easy so that everyone can align their efforts to achieve the project objectives on the ground.

7. Focus on Core Business

Hiring through their team augmentation services also means your in-house team can dedicate time to important projects and business processes. Taking care of the development work so you can remain focused on business development and creating new value.

8. Proven Track Record

Craftsmen Software has been a reliable player in the software development market as its portfolio of successful projects implemented for startups, enterprises, and large companies in Scandinavia and other regions is significant. You will find client testimonials on their website.

This is a clear indication that you can contact Craftsmen in case you want to get out of the challenges that come with managing your workforce or hiring individuals online.

Experts will help you to choose the best software developers in the foreign market. They will supervise and educate them to finish their work on schedule. To ensure that you are fully satisfied and your project has the highest quality, they will provide you with a dedicated team of professionals who will develop your project.


In the modern environment in which organizations face constant competition and swift advances in technology, outsourcing software team extension services is a viable sustainable solution to make business profit maximization possible and development capabilities of an organization’s strength by addressing IT project challenges. Organizations should incorporate specialists from outside, to enrich their teams with specialized knowledge and ensure timely compliance with the deadlines for developing and launching high-quality products. Some of the benefits of team extension include working flexibly, adapting to business scale, diversification of access to the international talent pool, and cost-effectiveness – this is why 200 companies have chosen team extension.

This blog aims and serve as a one-stop guide for a clear understanding of software team extension services as well as its application. Ranging from what are software team extension services to when, how, and why you should opt for software team augmentation services. With the growth of outsourcing for information technology, using team extension will remain relevant and essential for ventures that plan to compete effectively in the technology niche.

Therefore organizations stand to gain from selecting the team augmentation services from Craftsmen Software in that they are offered great value, efficiency, integrated solutions, and most importantly positive proofs of performance. Whether it’s a one-time project or your business needs the constant support of a web developer, designer, or software engineer, we’re here to transform your visions into outcomes and ensure your business prospers in the rapidly advancing digital world.

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